Teaching 360 Video & VR

Last spring, I taught a class on 360 video, virtual and augmented reality. It was a quick, fun one-credit course in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication focused on teaching students skills and concepts related to VR and AR for storytelling. Most of the time, we think of these tools as novelties or for gaming. But teaching it in a class environment was both fun and challenging.

In the course, 19 students learned how to plan, shoot, edit and publish 360 video stories in two weeks. The hybrid course included both digital lessons and face-to-face interaction. Students used an online learning management tool for course delivery during the week with relevant articles, professional examples, assessments and forums, and they had two in-person meetings to shoot and edit their content. You can visit our class site to learn more about our goals and content.

After just two weeks, we came out with a final product for the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, which came out pretty great. Check it out below:

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