Brain Trust Behavioral Health

I worked with my good friend Zach on his new website on behavioral health. He is a Certified Behavioral Analyst and runs his own business in Kalamazoo. It was great to catch up with Zach and work with him on this project! We used the WordPress theme AccessPress Lite.

Kick Roll Classic

Although the site has now been updated and I no longer take care of it, I originally created a one-page WordPress theme for a 3-on-3 basketball tournament called the Kick Roll Classic. This project helped me understand media queries like never before.

Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication

Yet another WordPress theme customized for the SWECJMC organization. I loved the simplicity of the theme and has never been a hassle to work on or update.

San Marcos Community Church

I used a WordPress theme by Kaptinlin to create this website for my church. This had been my first attempt at using WordPress’s CMS, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. The installation was simple, and the theme is perfect for what we’re using it for. I have tried other content managers like Joomla! before, and they were nightmares.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

I am the content manager of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication website at Texas State University. The university uses the content management system GATO, and it’s kind of a pain to have to work around. We also have a blog, which feeds much of its content to make things a bit easier. The slider for this site was the hardest part because it was conflicting with Texas State’s javascript.

Previous JonZmikly.com

This is my most previous website. It was not responsive, did not have blog capabilities, and it was definitely time for a renovation. I am proud of it, though, because I built it from scratch and learned a lot through the process, particularly with the added widgets.

Rand Renfrow

This was by far the simplest site I’ve made. It was for my friend Rand, who is an artist living in Brooklyn. He wanted a simple site, so I just made a bunch of divs for him, and he went to town adding his art!

…Be To God Mini-Site

I created this website in about two full days, from the video to the design. I used iMovie ’09 and LiveType for the video and Photoshop and Dreameaver for the graphic/web design. This website was made to prepare for a youth retreat happening on Nov. 19 & 20 in Canyon Lake, TX at Genesis Ranch. We no longer needed the URL, so the site is hosted on my personal domain.

Liora String Quartet

I designed and developed this site in 2010 for a friend in a string quartet at Texas State University. I coded it using Dreamweaver and created the logo and navigation buttons in Photoshop. It took about two eight-hour days to complete. They have since disbanded and no longer needed the URL, so the site is hosted on my personal domain.

Rubber vs. Road

This was a site created as one of my last projects in grad school. We were to tell a journalistic story via a website. Working with three other classmates, we examined alternative transportation methods in San Marcos, TX with video interviews, interactive maps, and a quiz in Flash. While I was not integral in the design process, I was responsible for many of the videos and quiz.

Interview with Multimedia Journalists

Here are a few interviews I got with alums and friends of the SJMC program.

Prepare The Way

I produced and edited this promotional video for my church while we were beginning our “Prepare the Way” building campaign.

Maker Faire 2010

I made this video in 2010 when I worked for SXSW Interactive as a blogger intern.

2013 Review

I had a lot of fun making this video. I basically took all the videos and pictures from my iPhone and turned them into a year in review.

Web 2.0

This is a video I made when I was a grad student at Texas State. I downloaded and edited all the video clips I could find on YouTube to discuss the idea of Web 2.0.

Camp Eagle 2009

My youth group took a trip to Camp Eagle – this is a recap video of our adventures.