Featured Sites

I was very proud of my students this year. Both my Web Design and Publishing students and the students in the Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media worked hard to push their work to the top this past semester. Here are some of my favorite projects:

Texas State Graduates 2014
Morgan Londene, Randi Berkovski and Kevin Vo worked hard to make a site featuring 2014 Texas State graduates. They used WordPress to build the site from scratch and used videos, photo slideshows and other interviews to tell the interactive story.

Brooke Boriak did a great job putting together a website for Vagabond, a local thrift shop.

Beer, Crafted For Life
Micah Bustos explored the world of craft beers in this interactive presentation. Lots of good interviews and videos on a great looking and customized WordPress site.

It’s Classic, Not Classy
Abigail Neese wrote this blog all about “vintage fashion and how to achieve that classic retro look.” You can tell she had a lot of fun putting this one together, not to mention all of her posts are in-depth and unique.

The Chiving Chef
Jairus Popp wrote a really cool blog about cooking. Great recipes with a unique voice.

College Thrifter
Paige Swanson did an outstanding job covering thrifting in college. She had a great social media presence and consistently wrote engaging and interesting posts.

The Feature Presentation
Veronica Umana worked hard reviewing movies on Netflix and promoted the blog well on Twitter.