Date Topic Assignment
August 28
Intro and Overview:Defining Key Terms – New media, social media, convergence, interactivity, rss, blogs, microblog, hyperlocal, cloud computing (Cloud Computing in Plain English)
Digital Media Resources:
Fast Company
South By Southwest Interactive – check out our coverage at
MIT Technology Review
Wired Magazine
Pew Internet and American Life ProjectPresentation: Social Media Techniques: Prezi
21 New Media Innovators

WordPress Handout

Join Twitter
August 30
History of Graphic Design: Powerpoint | Prezi

Media History Timeline

Poynter New Media Timeline
Timeline of Computer History
Apple History
Set up a Blog using – make an introductory post about you and what your blog is about
September 4
History of Internet and Web
Video: The Internet: Behind the WebRead: Journalism Next: Intro and Chapter 1: Powerpoint | Prezi
Read: From Pencils to Pixels 

Twitter Scavenger Hunt – post from @BrizzyC, professor at Univ of Memphis
Twitter Scavenger Hunt Instructions


See Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Apple videos on Resources page

Twitter Scavenger Hunt
September 6
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 2: Blogging: Powerpoint | PreziVideo: Did You Know 4.0
Video: The Machine is Us/ing UsThe Interconnected World of Tech Companies
September 11
Web Design Techniques
HTML Concepts
Fun with HTML – do Part I of exercise in HTML handout.
September 13
Web Design, continued
The Web Development Environment
Fun with HTML – do Part II of exercise in HTML handout. Due Friday, Sept. 14 by midnight.
September 18
Microblogging and Crowd-Powered Collaboration
Journalism Next Chapter 3: Crowd-powered Collaboration: Powerpoint | Prezi
Journalism’s Next Chapter 4: Microblogging: Powerpoint | Prezi
September 20
Video: Browser Wars
September 25
Video: Search
September 27
Social Networks
Creating a Facebook page
Video: People Power 

Journalists and Facebook – Vadim Lavrusek
Facebook IPO Infographic
How to Rock Social Media – Fast Company

October 2
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 5: Mobile: Powerpoint | Prezi
Planet of the Apps excerpt
Evan Wiliams TED Talk

Pew Smartphone report

U.S. Smartphone Use on the Rise

How to Create Your First iPhone Application

Get ideas from Apple – iPhone Apps
October 4
Social Networks, continued
Guest Speaker
Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and BiscuitsYouTube
The Five Secrets of YouTube’s Success
YouTube vs. Boob Tube– Wired Dec. 2006 

Other Social Networks
Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Path
Location-based Marketing Retrospective
– Social Fresh

October 9
Multimedia Skills – Photos
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 6: Visual Storytelling with Photographs: Powerpoint | Prezi
Multimedia Skills – Audio
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism “Visible”: Powerpoint | Prezi
October 11
Midterm Exam Review
Midterm Study GuideMultimedia Skills – Video
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 8: Telling Stories with Video: Powerpoint | Prezi
Adam Bender
Blog Post with Links
Marathon Stories
NY Times Multimedia
Washington Post Photos and Video
On Being
Being a Black Man
Ivory Wars– watch starting at 5:05-6:47 

Other Places for Multimedia Inspiration Great Work Gallery
Media Storm

October 16
Midterm Exam Midterm blog assignments due
October 18
Understanding Online Business ModelsReading: The Long Tail, Chris Anderson
, Chris Anderson 

Developing a Personal Brand
Video: Gary Vaynerchuk: Legacy is Greater Than Currency
Mastering the Uncomfortable Art of Personal Branding – Fast Company
Bay City Blogger – TXST alum
Business Models and Personal Branding: Powerpoint | Prezi

October 25
Watch beginning of Remix Manifesto
October 30
Mass Communication Week
November 1
Mass Communication Week
November 6
Remix Culture & Online Music
Video: Remix ManifestoRead: Media Shift: 5 Tips for Musicians to Engage Fans Digitally 

Media Shift: The Time is Right for Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing
The New Rockstar Paradign
– Damian Kulash (of OK Go in WSJ)
Whose Tube?
– Damian Kulash (of OK Go in NY Times)
Beware the New New Thing
(of OK Go in NY Times)
Kickstarter and Pledge Music
Austin-based FanTrail debuts at SXSW – NY Times


Additional Music Resources
1000 True Fans – Technium Blog
The Rise of the Musical Middle Class –
The Lefsetz Letter Handout for Video Assignment

YouTube – Uploading and Editing

November 8
Data-driven Journalism
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 9: Data-driven JournalismNY Times Magazine, Goosing the Grey Lady
Toxic Waters – NY Times

Test Scores – NY Times


Census Map

MSNBC Bridge Tracker

Casino Map – Las Vegas Sun

Living with Less Wordtrain – NY Times

Hillary Clinton First Lady Schedules

Evan Smith – Texas Tribune
video from
November 13
The Future of News
News InteractivesRead: Journalism Next Chapter 10: Managing News as a ConversationAnalyzing Data is the Future for Journalists
So, What’s Your Algorithm

Curating News – Storify

November 15
Building An Online Audience
Read: Journalism Next Chapter 11: Building a Digital Audience for News
November 20
Legal and Policy Issues in Online Media
Net NeutralityVideos:
Confused by SOPA – 5 Multimedia Explainers

The Daily Show, From Here to Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?
Net Neutrality in the Shower?  

Handouts for Photo Assignment (must choose Flickr or Picasa)

November 22
Happy Thanksgiving! No Class
November 27
Trends in Online Advertising and PR
Ad and PR presentation – Powerpoint | Prezi
10 PR Skills for the Future
November 29
Social Issues in Online Media
Sheryl Sandberg – Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders
– TED Talk
A Women’s Place – The New Yorker, profile of Sandberg
Google’s Marissa Mayer: Passion is a Gender-Neutralizing Force – CNN
An Open Letter to Wired Magazine
Computer Science Enrollments Rise Again by 10%
– ComputerWorld
Tech Savvy Women Seek Support in Newsroom, Classroom – OJR
CNN’s Black in America
Black in America Excerpt
Pew Internet – Digital Differences
December 4
Video Games
Jane McGonigal – A Game Saved My Life
NewsGames: Journalism At Play – Excerpt, by Ian Bogost
Rodney Gibbs – Making News Entertaining (Qrank)Future Trends
Long Live the Web, by Tim Berners-Lee
The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It
The Journalist As Programmer: A Case Study of the New York Times Interactive Technology Department – ISOJ Journal – handed out in class.
December 6
Media Curriculum of the Future/Careers
OJR, Eight Things Journalism Students Should Demand from J-SchoolsWrap-Up
7 Things Everyone in Your Organization Should Know
Exam Review
Final Study Guide
December 13
Final Exam at 8am
 Final blog assignments due