“Hybrid” simply means learning will occur both in-person and online. Some assignments and lecture material will be posted on the Online Modules portion of our class TRACS site. You must attend lecture twice per week and labs are optional.
No. We will be using online resources like news articles, reports, videos and interactives as resources for this class. A recommended text would be Journalism Next: Third Edition, but it’s not required.
If you’re having a hard time coming up with a blog topic, consider your interests or hobbies first. Your blog topic should be something you’re passionate about, whether you’re a pro or an amateur. In the past, students have had the most fun writing about travel, sports, music and DIY. You basically get to take trips, go see games, try out some new crafts and have fun writing about it! Remember to focus on new and local information instead of regurgitating what’s already on the web. And remember, you’re competing with other blogs and news organizations, so the more niche / unique, the better. For ideas, check out last semester’s blogs.
Yes. Everyone must use WordPress because it’s often used as a CMS (Content Management System) for major brands and websites. As such, you will get great experience working in its environment. Also, because everyone in the class is on the same platform, you can get better assistance from peers, our class tutorials and our graduate assistants, not to mention the WordPress community is one of the best.
All assignments and blog submissions will be done through TRACS. Don’t e-mail them to me or your lab instructor.
If you miss lecture, you will have to get the material you missed from another student or meet me in my office hours. If you miss lab, contact your lab instructor. Slides are available on the Lecture Schedule page of the class site.
First check the tutorials and online resources. Then, contact your lab instructor. Contact your peers on Twitter using the #FDOM16 hashtag. Post to the Facebook wall. If you e-mail a question to the instructor or your lab instructor, don’t expect an immediate response 10 minutes before the deadline.
It could be that you turned the assignment in late. However, it could also be that we made a mistake. First, check to make sure you followed the directions completely. Then, contact your lab instructor.
Lecture and lab material, Online Modules in TRACS, even Facebook and Twitter news items are all fair game. Because we don’t have a book, take notes in class. I will not try to trick you. Pay specific attention to articles, videos and links mentioned in lecture and lab. Some questions will come from the quizzes from Online Modules. Study guides are also linked on the FDOM Facebook page. The final is not cumulative but will build on our midterm material.
By default, WordPress sets your timezone to Coordinated Universal Time, UTC, which is in London, UK. Go to Settings –> General and change your timezone to Chicago time.
If you’ve already created your blog and want to change the URL, you have to go to your Dashboard, and click on My Blogs. Hover over your blog address, and click Change Blog Address. Then notify me of the change via e-mail (jz18@txstate.edu).
If your name isn’t listed on the Student Blogs page, you missed the deadline for the blog submission. However, we still need your URL so we can grade your blog. E-mail me at jz18@txstate.edu with your blog address, and I will update it.