Lab Assignment 1 – Twitter Scavenger Hunt
This assignment can be found on TRACS in the Online Content (Online Lab Weeks 1-2). I will also discuss in class. Your mission is to join Twitter (if you haven’t already), and complete five of the challenges listed. You must use the #FDOM14 hashtag to receive credit. Due Sunday, Sept 7 at midnight.


Lab Assignment 2 – Blog URL Submission and Introductory Post
You will use the Online Content (Online Lab Weeks 3-4) in TRACS as well as lab time to complete this assignment. Your blog URL must be submitted below by Sunday, Sept. 21 at midnight.


Lab Assignment 3 – HTML Assignment
You will use the Online Content (Online Lab Weeks 5-6) in TRACS as well as lab time to code your very own HTML web page. Upload all files (including images) to your DropBox in TRACS by Sunday, Oct. 5 at midnight. 


Lab Assignment 4 – Mass Comm Week Storify
You will use social media updates from Mass Comm Week to create a Storify story about any panel or event you attended, including Annie Werner’s guest presentation in our class. Use Online Content (Online Lab Weeks 7-8) to find more details on this assignment. Submit your Storify story URL below by Sunday, Nov. 2 at midnight.


Lab Assignment 5 – Blog Comment Assignment
Due Sunday, Nov. 16 at midnight.


Assignment 6 – In-Class Assignment
Due Sunday, Nov. 30 at midnight.